We are a visual effects studio making waves by combining talent and technology in a truly unique way.


Our goal is not to be the biggest studio, but the best studio. A place where everyone we come in contact with feels welcomed, supported, inspired, and productive. Atomic Ficiton's mission is to produce work that is universally loved and worthy of awards and accolades. In a few short (yet rocket-ship-fast) years, we have contributed to critically acclaimed films such as The Walk, Flight, Looper and the recent release, Deadpool. Our team is currently in production on Star Trek Beyond and the latest installment of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean.


The effects in The Walk are beyond what anyone has ever really done in a film.
— Sasha Stone, AWARDS DAILY
The visual effects in the film’s last half are the best I have seen all year.
— Pete Hammond, DEADLINE
A visual spectacle.
— Brian Truitt, USA TODAY

Wireframe to Mayhem.

Curious about our process? Check out this behind-the-scenes clip showcaseing our work on Deadpool.


A few of our recent projects.

We love doing it all.


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… the hairiest, scariest, most realistic and thrilling plane crash in movie history — a sequence that should be taught in film schools for decades.
— Richard Corliss, TIME