Atomic Fiction



What is Atomic Fiction?

We're often asked how we came up with the company's name. The answer? We brainstormed interesting words and combined them until we found a winning combination! The result is a name that not only sounds great, but also feels right because the words have meaning that embody our vision for the company. Atomic represents the disparate components (all of us, our ideas, technology, etc.) which play a critical role in making the company special, and Fiction, which speaks to our love of entertaining people.

Interesting Words

Active Acute Adverse Agenda Agent Align Alter Amber Ambush Analogy Ancient Android Annex Archaic Area Arena Armor Array Atom Atomic Avenue Barter Beltway Bylane Bypass Byway Course Direct Fiction Finish Focal Focus Frame Front Goliath Haptic House Junction Matic Motion Mythic Penny Photo Picture Play Point Ramp Reflex Round Route Ruin Saga Scoop Silver Space Spot Standard Switch Syntax Theory Thriller Traffic Tunnel Vision Wave Wheel

The Long List

Amber House
Analog Finish
Analog Ruin
Analog Theory
Cine Space
Focal Space
Image Annex
Image Space
Motion Annex
Motion House
Photo Play
Picture Line
Picture Show
Picture Theory
Round House
Saga Avenue
Silver Penny
Silver Screen
Silver Theory
Thriller Avenue
Tunnel Theory
Tunnel Vision
Wheel House

The Short List

Image Point
Image Theory
Rising Front
Atomic Circle
Atomic Fiction
Atomic Focus
Analog Fiction
Analog Motion


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