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You've stumbled on the Orange Pages, a hidden spot devoted to our company's culture and identity!

We have always been proud of Atomic Fiction, and grow more so with every passing day. This is an amazing time for our studios! As a company, we're in our formative “teenage" years—still young, exuberant, and a bit messy (in a good way), but are also growing into ourselves. We have a loosely-defined structure, which serves to keep the train on the tracks while still nourishing creativity within our walls and keeping sight of our small shop vibe. We’ve earned a reputation for quality and creativity and, project after project, our clients walk away happy.

When we started Atomic, all we really wanted to do was build an amazing place to spend our days being creative with friends. We were small, just 5 or 6 people, so our culture emerged almost effortlessly during coffee breaks and casual interactions. As Atomic Fiction grows, we want to hold on to that same feeling. The following pages are meant to be a step toward doing exactly that; whether you’ve been part of the AF family for a long time, or it’s your first day on the gig and you are curious about what makes us tick.

Our first baby steps in the industry still influence how we feel about the work we do today. In 9th grade drafting class, both of us discovered our passion for computer graphics and, more specifically, the joy of entertaining people. We were mentored by an amazing teacher, who fostered that passion to help us succeed as artists and business people. Since that day, more than 20 years ago, we've been fortunate to have a career born out of a hobby, and to be part of a place where others can exercise their passion and grow their careers.

For us, our journey at Atomic Fiction isn't really a job. It's an opportunity to work with friends and create amazing memories - to be engaged in work that we feel like we were born to do. We want nothing more than for you to feel the same: happy, welcomed, supported, inspired and productive!

- Ryan and Kevin

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